All Thread or Partial Thread Anchor Bolts

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All-thread anchor bolts, also known as threaded rod anchor bolts, are fasteners commonly used in construction and structural engineering applications to secure objects to concrete or masonry surfaces. These bolts are characterized by their uniform threading along the entire length of the rod.

All-thread anchor bolts can have either full threads or partial threads, depending on the application requirements. Partially threaded anchor bolts have a threaded portion at one end and a plain portion at the other end. They are often used in applications where a threaded rod needs to be anchored at a specific depth while leaving a portion of the rod exposed for attachment purposes.

These anchor bolts come in various lengths, diameters, and material compositions to accommodate different load capacities and environmental conditions. They are commonly used for anchoring structural steel columns, equipment, machinery, and other heavy objects to concrete foundations or structural members.

It's important to follow proper installation procedures, including selecting the appropriate bolt length and diameter, drilling holes to the correct depth and diameter, and tightening the nuts to the specified torque, to ensure the integrity and reliability of the anchoring system.