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A press-in insert fastener is a type of threaded insert used for creating threads in a variety of materials, typically plastic or softer metals like aluminum. These inserts are designed to be pressed or pressed-in into a pre-drilled hole, providing a threaded socket for bolts, screws, or other fasteners.

The press-in insert fastener typically has external knurls, ribs, or serrations to provide a secure grip within the material once it's pressed into place. Some variations may also have flanges or other features to aid in the installation process or to provide additional stability.

These inserts are commonly used in applications where a strong and reliable threaded connection is required but where tapping threads directly into the material may not be feasible due to material limitations or requirements for improved thread durability.

Press-in insert fasteners are utilized in various industries, including automotive, electronics, furniture, and consumer goods manufacturing. They offer advantages such as ease of installation, high strength, and the ability to create threads in materials that may not be suitable for traditional tapping methods.