Grade 2 Bolts

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A Grade 2 bolt is a specific type of fastener that belongs to the ASTM A307 standard, which outlines the specifications for low-carbon steel bolts, studs, and threaded rods. Grade 2 bolts are primarily used for general-purpose applications where moderate strength is required.

These bolts are made from low-carbon steel, which provides adequate strength and ductility for most common fastening needs. Grade 2 bolts have a tensile strength ranging from 60,000 to 74,000 pounds per square inch (psi). They feature a coarse, standard thread pitch and a hexagonal head, which can be easily tightened using a wrench or socket.

Grade 2 bolts are commonly used in various industries, such as construction, automotive, and general maintenance and repair. They are suitable for non-critical applications where strength requirements are not as demanding. Examples of typical uses for Grade 2 bolts include securing wood framing, fastening non-structural components, or joining light-duty metal assemblies.

It's important to note that Grade 2 bolts should not be used in applications where high strength or resistance to extreme forces or harsh environments is necessary. In such cases, higher-grade bolts, such as Grade 5 or Grade 8, should be considered. However, Grade 2 bolts offer a cost-effective and reliable solution for many everyday fastening needs.