Exploring the Versatility of Specialty Fasteners and Hardware Solutions

Created at : Dec 28, 2023

In the dynamic landscape of industrial and manufacturing needs, the demand for specialty fasteners has never been more pronounced. TS Fasteners stands as a reliable provider of top-tier specialty fasteners and hardware solutions, offering a diverse range of products tailored to meet the unique demands of various industries.

Tamper-Resistant Excellence:

TS Fasteners takes pride in its array of tamper-resistant fasteners, meticulously designed to deter unauthorized tampering and removal. With innovative drive designs requiring specialized tools, these fasteners provide an added layer of security crucial for applications where safeguarding is paramount.

Threaded Inserts for Enhanced Versatility:

Our threaded inserts are engineered to provide robust threads in materials that may pose challenges, such as plastics or soft metals. They are indispensable for applications demanding secure and durable threading, ensuring reliability even in unconventional materials.

Blind Rivets: Pioneering Assembly Solutions:

TS Fasteners offers high-quality blind rivets, or pop rivets, ideal for situations where only one side of the material is accessible. Widely used in scenarios where traditional methods like welding may not be feasible, blind rivets provide efficient and secure assembly solutions.

Captive Fasteners: Securing Every Component:

Experience the convenience of captive fasteners designed to stay attached even when not tightened. Prevent loss during maintenance or assembly with our range of captive screws and nuts, enhancing efficiency in various applications.

Sealing Fasteners: Keeping Elements at Bay:

Our sealing fasteners are crafted with precision to prevent the ingress of liquids or gases. Integrated with sealing features such as O-rings and gaskets, these fasteners are the go-to choice for applications where protection against environmental elements is paramount.

Anti-vibration Champions:

TS Fasteners introduces anti-vibration fasteners engineered to minimize the detrimental effects of vibrations. Ideal for applications in automotive, aerospace, and machinery, these fasteners ensure long-lasting stability and reliability in the face of dynamic forces.

Structural Integrity Redefined:

Explore our range of structural fasteners designed to bear high loads and provide unparalleled structural integrity. Bolts and nuts from TS Fasteners are synonymous with durability, making them the ideal choice for construction and load-bearing applications.

Electrical Excellence:

For the electrical and electronics industry, TS Fasteners offers a dedicated line of electrical fasteners. With conductivity properties and designs tailored for securing electrical components, these fasteners contribute to the efficiency and reliability of electronic assemblies.

Composite Material Prowess:

Discover our composite fasteners designed explicitly for use with composite materials. Lightweight and crafted from materials that won't compromise the integrity of composites, these fasteners are a testament to TS Fasteners' commitment to innovation and adaptability.

Enduring High Temperatures:

In industries where elevated temperatures pose a challenge, TS Fasteners provides high-temperature fasteners designed to withstand heat without sacrificing structural integrity. Ideal for applications in aerospace and automotive sectors, these fasteners ensure performance even in the most demanding environments.


TS Fasteners stands at the forefront of the specialty fastener and hardware industry, offering a comprehensive range of solutions designed to meet and exceed the unique requirements of diverse applications. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, TS Fasteners is your trusted partner in securing success across industries.