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A bevel washer, also known as a beveled washer or angular washer, is a type of washer that is characterized by its sloped or beveled surface. The washer is thicker on one side and tapers to a thinner edge, typically at a specific angle, such as 45 degrees or 30 degrees. Bevel washers are designed to compensate for angular variations, misalignment, or uneven surfaces in fastening assemblies.

Key features of bevel washers include:

  1. Angular Design: The sloped or beveled shape of the washer allows it to accommodate non-parallel surfaces, angular offsets, or irregularities in the assembly.

  2. Load Distribution: Bevel washers help distribute the load from the fastener over a broader area, reducing stress concentrations and preventing material damage.

  3. Alignment: They can help correct angular misalignment or provide a level surface when fastening materials with varying angles.

Bevel washers are commonly used in structural applications, especially in the construction and steel fabrication industries, where it's essential to ensure proper alignment and load distribution. They are available in various sizes and materials to match the specific requirements of the application. The choice of bevel washer depends on the angle and the degree of adjustment needed.