Internal Tooth Lock

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An internal tooth lock washer, also known as an internal tooth washer, is a type of lock washer with inward-facing teeth or serrations on the inner edge of the washer. These teeth are designed to bite into the surface of the fastener, such as a bolt or screw, creating a secure grip and friction between the fastener and the material it's being fastened to. This design helps prevent the fastener from loosening due to vibration or other external forces.

Key features and functions of internal tooth lock washers include:

  1. Internal Teeth: The serrations or teeth on the inner edge of the washer provide a locking action that grips the fastener. This effectively resists rotation and loosening of the fastener.

  2. Anti-Vibration: Internal tooth lock washers are particularly effective in applications where vibration or movement can cause fasteners to gradually unwind.

  3. Enhanced Locking: They offer better locking performance compared to standard flat washers, making them suitable for securing critical or high-stress connections.

Internal tooth lock washers are used in various applications, such as automotive, machinery, and industrial equipment, where maintaining the tightness and integrity of fastened connections is essential. The choice of washer size and material depends on the specific requirements of the application and the type of fastener being used.