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A fender washer is a type of flat washer with a larger outer diameter in comparison to its inner hole. It typically features a circular shape and a relatively flat profile with a wide, evenly distributed surface. Fender washers are often made from materials like steel, stainless steel, or plastic.

These washers are commonly used in applications where a larger load-bearing surface is required to help distribute the load or force exerted by a fastener, such as a bolt or screw, over a broader area. The wider outer diameter of fender washers makes them suitable for applications where you want to prevent the fastener from pulling through or damaging the material being secured, particularly in situations where the material might have a larger or irregular hole.

The name "fender washer" is derived from their common use in automotive and construction applications, where they are often used in conjunction with fender panels and other bodywork. However, their versatility makes them useful in various other applications as well, such as plumbing, electrical work, and general hardware applications, where load distribution and surface protection are important.