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A countersunk washer, also known as a countersink washer or countersinking washer, is a type of washer designed to be used with countersunk screws or bolts. Countersunk screws have a flat or tapered head with an angled surface that fits into a corresponding countersunk hole in the material, creating a flush or smooth surface when the screw is tightened. The countersunk washer is placed under the screw head and serves several purposes:

  1. Flush Installation: The washer's shape allows it to sit flush with the surface of the material when the screw is tightened, resulting in a neat and even appearance.

  2. Load Distribution: Like other washers, countersunk washers help distribute the load from the screw or bolt over a wider area, reducing the risk of damage to the material and enhancing the integrity of the connection.

  3. Reinforcement: In some cases, countersunk washers are used to reinforce the material around the countersunk hole, providing extra support and preventing deformation or cracking.

Countersunk washers come in various sizes and materials to match the corresponding screws and the specific application. They are commonly used in woodworking, metalworking, construction, and other industries where a flush, secure, and aesthetically pleasing fastening solution is required.