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A spring washer, also known as a spring lock washer or split washer, is a type of washer with a unique design that provides a spring-like action. It is typically a flat, circular washer with a split or break in its circumference, creating two distinct ends. The primary function of a spring washer is to provide tension or preload to a fastening assembly, such as a bolted connection, and prevent the nut or bolt from coming loose due to vibration or other factors.

Key features of spring washers include:

  1. Spring Action: When a spring washer is compressed between the nut and the surface it's fastening, the split ends of the washer exert a spring force that resists loosening of the fastener. This helps maintain tension and keep the connection secure.

  2. Vibration Resistance: Spring washers are particularly effective in applications where vibration and movement can cause fasteners to gradually unwind. The spring action of the washer prevents this from happening.

  3. Locking Effect: Spring washers create a locking effect, ensuring that the fastener remains in place once properly tightened.

Spring washers are available in various types, including regular split lock washers, internal tooth lock washers, and external tooth lock washers, each with its specific design for different applications. They are commonly used in construction, automotive, industrial machinery, and various other industries where maintaining the integrity of bolted connections is essential. The choice of spring washer type and size depends on the specific requirements of the application.