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A conical washer, also known as a cone washer, is a type of washer with a distinctive cone or tapered shape. These washers are designed to be used in specific applications where adjustments, centering, or compensation for angular misalignment are necessary. The primary function of conical washers is to provide a stable and level seating for bolts or screws when fastened.

Key features of conical washers include:

  1. Conical Shape: The washer has a cone-like design with a gradually increasing thickness, tapering from the center hole to the outer edge.

  2. Angular Misalignment Compensation: Conical washers are particularly useful for applications where there may be angular misalignment or uneven surfaces, as they help correct or compensate for these variations.

  3. Load Distribution: They also assist in distributing the load evenly over the area being fastened, reducing the risk of damage to the material or surface.

Conical washers are commonly used in various industries, including construction, automotive, machinery, and applications involving uneven or angled surfaces. They are available in different sizes and materials to match the specific requirements of the application, and they can provide both load distribution and correction of angular misalignment in fastening assemblies.