Regular Split Lock

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A regular split washer, also known as a split lock washer or helical spring washer, is a type of washer with a distinctive helical or spiral shape. These washers are designed to provide additional locking or anti-vibration features to threaded fasteners, such as bolts or screws. They are commonly used to prevent nuts and bolts from coming loose due to vibration or other factors in various applications.

Key features and functions of regular split washers include:

  1. Helical Shape: The washer is twisted into a helical or spiral shape, creating a split along one of the spirals.

  2. Spring Action: When a regular split washer is placed under a nut or bolt head and tightened, it exerts spring tension, which resists loosening of the fastener due to vibrations or other external forces. This spring action creates friction between the fastener and the material it's securing.

  3. Anti-Backout: The split washer's design is intended to prevent the fastener from rotating backward or loosening during use.

Regular split washers are widely used in various industries, such as automotive, machinery, and construction, where maintaining the integrity of fastened connections is crucial. They are available in different sizes and materials, and the choice of washer size and material depends on the specific application and the type of fastener being used. It's important to note that while split washers can provide some anti-loosening benefits, other locking methods like nylon-insert lock nuts or external tooth lock washers are more effective for critical applications.