Shear Plate

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A shear plate washer, also known as a timber connector washer or a timber shear washer, is a specific type of washer used in timber and wood construction. These washers are designed to provide structural support and reinforcement when connecting timber or wood members in various applications, such as in timber framing, post and beam construction, and other wood structures.

Key features of shear plate washers include:

  1. Shape: Shear plate washers are typically square or rectangular in shape and have a relatively thick profile compared to standard flat washers.

  2. Teeth or Projections: Shear plate washers often have teeth or serrations on one or both sides to grip the wood or timber more securely, providing resistance against lateral movement or shear forces.

  3. Load Distribution: They are used to distribute the load or force applied by bolts, screws, or other fasteners over a larger surface area of the wood members, reducing the risk of splitting or damage.

Shear plate washers are commonly used in heavy timber and wood-to-wood connections, where they help prevent the wood from splitting or failing under shear loads, such as wind or seismic forces. They are particularly important in load-bearing or structural applications, ensuring the stability and safety of the wooden structures. The specific design and dimensions of shear plate washers may vary based on the requirements of the construction project.