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A metric washer is a type of washer designed to conform to the metric system of measurements. Unlike imperial or inch-based washers, which are measured in inches, metric washers are measured in millimeters. Metric washers are typically used in applications where metric fasteners, such as bolts, screws, and nuts, are employed. They serve the same fundamental purposes as their inch-based counterparts, including load distribution, surface protection, alignment, and locking.

Metric washers come in various shapes and types, such as flat washers, lock washers, spring washers, and more, and they are available in different materials to suit specific application requirements. When selecting a metric washer, it's essential to match it with the corresponding metric fastener to ensure a proper fit and secure connection.

The use of metric fasteners and washers is widespread in many countries around the world, especially in Europe and most of Asia, where the metric system is the standard for measurement. Metric washers are used in a wide range of applications, including automotive, machinery, construction, and various other industries.