Round Plate

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A round plate washer, also known as a flat round washer, is a type of washer that is circular in shape with a flat, disc-like profile and a hole in the center. These washers are typically used in applications where a larger load-bearing surface is needed to distribute the force applied by a fastener over a wider area. Round plate washers serve several purposes, including:

  1. Load Distribution: The primary function of a round plate washer is to evenly distribute the load or force exerted by a fastener, such as a bolt or a screw, over a larger surface area. This helps prevent the fastener from digging into the material it's securing, reducing the risk of damage.

  2. Reinforcement: Round plate washers can be used to reinforce the material being fastened, adding extra support to the connection.

  3. Alignment: In some cases, they are used to adjust spacing or alignment between components.

Round plate washers are commonly used in various applications, such as construction, automotive, industrial machinery, and general hardware, where load distribution and surface protection are important. They are available in different sizes and materials to match the corresponding fasteners and the specific requirements of the application.